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2 Cats



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3 Cats

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4 Cats

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Additional Information

Cats picked up before 12pm on the day of collection will not be charged for that day.

We realise you may return from your holidays earlier than expected, we don't mind you picking your cat up earlier than planned, however costs for the duration of the booking still stand.

We can cater for larger families of cats, please ring for a price for more than four cats.

A Family Run can be made available for 2 cats at a cost of £15.00 per day.

We operate a pre-booking policy, and advise to book in advance for the holiday periods, a deposit of £15 is required per booking.

We accept cheque and cash payments, but DO NOT accept card payments.

Fees subject to change.

Health Requirements

All cats must be fully vaccinated against feline flu & enteritis and proof of vaccination must be brought on arrival.

We appreciate it if you inform us of any recent illness your cat has had, just so we can keep a close eye on them.

Please let us know if your cat is pregnant

Please make us aware of and long term illnesses or disabilities your cat has (eg: deaf)

Males over 9 months must be neutered.