Care tailored for your cat with special requirements catered for

Care Promise

Living on site, we are able to keep a close eye on the cattery, every cat is fed, watered and cleaned out twice daily. (more if required)

Heated beds are provided in all our runs for every cat during the colder months; all year round if necessary.

Special Requirements

We are happy to administer medication and groom cats during their stay, just bring their brush and medication with them. (excluding diabetic cats)

If any cat appears to be unwell during their stay, we won\'t hesitate to seek veterinary advice and treatment. All cats are fully insured for vets fees unless the condition is pre-existing, where it becomes the owners responsibility.


A range of top brand commercial foods are provided in pouched, tinned and biscuit form. We can cater for all diets excluding prescription diets. You are also more than welcome to bring your own food along for your cat.

We use standard wood pellet cat litter and provide baskets,litter trays and bowls, again you are welcome to bring some of your cats own home comforts and bedding with you from home, a blanket is advised so they have a smell they recognise with them.